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Program in General

The undergraduate curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering is spread over eight semesters in four years. Some courses in the curriculum are also offered in summer schools, enabling the students to distribute their course loads, to catch up with the program, as well as to supplement the program with additional courses they are interested in. The technical electives in the fourth year of the curriculum provide the students the opportunity to get specialized in the field of their interest. All undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering are required to spend a minimum of four weeks, twice during their undergraduate study, in the industry to gain practical experience during summers.

The Mechanical Engineering curriculum's culminating feature for senior-level students is the Design Project Competition in the compulsory course ME 407 Mechanical Engineering Design. Groups of six-seven students tackle design problems that require analytical ability, judgment, technical skills, creativity and innovation and produce a working prototype of their design. The prototypes are tested and evaluated on the basis of some pre-established merit.

The second compulsory course in the fourth year of the curriculum is ME 410 Mechanical Engineering Systems Laboratory. Groups of three students conduct experiments on systems such as internal combustion engine, turbomachinery, energy conversion equipment, metrology-quality control in production, vibrating machinery, machine tools, etc., which might not have been fully covered in the compulsory courses of the curriculum.

Elective Courses

There are four types of elective courses in the undergraduate program of Mechanical Engineering; namely,

  • Restricted Elective (1 course)
  • Technical Electives (5 courses)
  • Free Elective (1 course)
  • Non-Technical Electives (2 courses, students who started ME department prior to 2006-2007 academic year have to take one more NTE or ENG 311 to graduate)

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METU Department of Mechanical Engineering has been accredited by (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.) since 1996. Our department is the first ABET accredited department in Turkey in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The accreditation is updated every 6 years.

Curriculum : METU Academic Catalog Pages

1st Semester
Code Title Credit Catalog Page
ME 117 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing (2-2) 3
MATH 119 Calculus with Analytic Geometry (4-2) 5
PHYS 105 General Physics I (3-2) 4
CENG 240 Programming with Python for Engineers (2-2) 3
ENG 101 English for Academic Purposes I (4-0) 4
OHS 101 Occupational Health and Safety I NC
IS 100 Introduction to Information Technologies and Applications NC
2nd Semester
Code Title Credit Catalog Page
ME 110 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (2-0) 2
MATH 120 Calculus for Functions of Several Variables (4-2) 5
PHYS 106 General Physics II (3-2) 4
CHEM 107 General Chemistry (3-2) 4
ENG 102 English for Academic Purposes II (4-0) 4
3rd Semester
Code Title Credit Catalog Page
ME 203 Thermodynamics I (3-0) 3
ME 205 Statics (3-0) 3
METE 230 Fundamental of Material Science and Engineering (3-0) 3
MATH 219 Introduction to Differential Equations (4-0) 4
EE 209 Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (3-0) 3
ENG 211 Academic Oral Presentation Skills (3-0) 3
HIST 2201 History of the Turkish Revolution I (2-0) NC
4th Semester
Code Title Credit Catalog Page
ME 202 Manufacturing Technologies (3-0) 3
ME 204 Thermodynamics II (3-0) 3
ME 206 Strength of Materials (3-0) 3
ME 208 Dynamics (3-0) 3
ME 210 Applied Mathematics for Mechanical Engineers (3-0) 3
HIST 2202 History of the Turkish Revolution II (2-0) NC
5th Semester
Code Title Credit Catalog Page
ME 300 Summer Practice I NC
ME 301 Theory of Machines I (3-0) 3
ME 303 Manufacturing Engineering (3-0) 3
ME 305 Fluid Mechanics I (3-0) 3
ME 307 Machine Elements I (3-0) 3
ME 311 Heat Transfer (3-0) 3
ECON 210 Principles of Economics (3-0) 3
TURK 303 Turkish I (2-0) NC
6th Semester
Code Title Credit Catalog Page
ME 302 Theory of Machines II (3-0) 3
ME 304 Control Systems (3-0) 3
ME 306 Fluid Mechanics II (3-0) 3
ME 308 Machine Elements II (3-0) 3
ME 310 Numerical Methods (3-0) 3
ME 312 Thermal Engineering (3-0) 3
TURK 304 Turkish II (2-0) NC
7th Semester
Code Title Credit Catalog Page
ME 400 Summer Practice II NC
ME 407 Mechanical Engineering Design (2-2) 3
Free Elective 3
Nontechnical Elective 3
Technical Elective 3
Technical Elective 3
Technical Elective 3
8th Semester
Code Title Credit Catalog Page
ME 410 Mechanical Engineering Systems Laboratory (2-2) 3
Nontechnical Elective 3
Restricted Elective 3
Technical Elective 3
Technical Elective 3