Student Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives

The graduates of the B.S. program of the METU Mechanical Engineering Department,

  • are sought for in jobs related to research, development, product design, and advanced technology; they become entrepreneurs, leaders, and pioneers in their professional careers,
  • continue their career development through graduate studies and/or professional training,
  • perform their jobs considering individual, social, and environmental aspects, while adhering to ethical values in their professional careers.

Student Outcomes

B.S. program of the METU Mechanical Engineering Department aims its students to acquire the following knowledge, skills, and behaviors by the time of their graduation.

  • Ability to establish the relationship between mathematics, basic sciences and engineering sciences with engineering applications.
  • Ability to find and interpret information.
  • Ability to follow the literature and technology related to his/her topic of interest.
  • Recognition of the need to keep oneself up to date in his/her profession.
  • Possession of written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to conduct team work (within the discipline, inter-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary).
  • Ability to produce original solutions.
  • Use of scientific methodology in approaching and producing solutions to engineering problems and needs.
  • Openness to all that is new.
  • Ability to conduct experiments.
  • Ability to do engineering design.
  • Awareness of engineering ethics, knowledge and adoption of its fundamental elements.
  • Ability to take societal, environmental and economical considerations into account in professional activities.
  • Possession of pioneering and leadership characteristics in areas related to the profession.