Our faculty were awarded TÜBİTAK 1001 research grants.

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23/01/2019 - 08:08

Our faculty members Asst. Prof. Dr. Feyza Kazanç Özerinç and Dr. Hakan Çalışkan were awarded TUBITAK 1001 Research Grants as part of 2018 Fall application cycle. We congratulate our faculty and wish them success in their future studies.

Investigation of Zeolite 4A and 13X Production Potentials of Fly Ashes Obtained by Burning Tuncbilek and Seyitomer Lignites' by Different Burning Parameters

Within the scope of the project, routes of zeolite production from fly ash will be explored for the waste management and recycling of the high amount of fly ash resulting from the combustion process of coal- burning power plants. Studies will be carried out for the development of a unique, sustainable and environmentally friendly production method for zeolites, which are highly imported and used in many applications that prevent environmental pollution such as emission reduction, by using of local resources such as coal and biomass, by a 'clean energy' approach.

Intelligent CNC: Real time Chatter Detection, Identification and Control

In the project to be supported under TUBITAK 1001 Research Grant, real time chatter detection and control algorithms will be developed for milling operations, under the leadership of Dr. Hakan Çalışkan. Chatter is undesired self-excited vibrations, and is one of the main limitations of the chip removal process. In this project it is aimed to develop an Automatic Chatter Control software which will detect the chatter onset by analyzing the feed drive signals of the machine tool and will eliminate it by modulating the spindle speed.