Our robot society clean energy team take the second place in Efficiency Challenge

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21/09/2018 - 06:13

METU Robotics Society's Clean energy team's (METU-Cet) hydrogen fueled car, "Azure", takes the second place in TUBITAK's Science and Community Department's 14th "Efficiency Challenge" in "Hydromobile" category. 

Hydromobile (hydrogen fueled car) category consisted of 8 teams. Each team required to finish 20 laps with the highest efficiency in terms of fuel consumption. METU Robotics Society's "Azure" represented METU.

Approximately 1500 students participated in the event. Teams are awarded with various side prizes, METU-Cet team took the second place in the races but also won the publicity and dissemination prize due to its promotional activities for the event's publicity.