Elective Courses

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Sun, 18/02/2018 - 15:53

Restricted Elective

The restrictive elective course must be chosen from a pool of courses ( ME 403, ME 405, ME 421, ME 426, ME 437, ME 476, ME 481ME 492, and ME 496) in order to fulfill the requirement on Thermo-Fluids design.

Technical Electives

The five technical electives in the fourth year of the curriculum provide the students the opportunity to get specialized in the field of their interest.

  • One of the technical elective courses may be taken from another engineering department of METU with certain restrictions subject to the approval of course instructor and advisor of the student.
  • One of the technical elective courses may be taken as one of the graduate courses offered by the Mechanical Engineering Department (except ME 510 and ME 521)

Click here for the table showing the semesters in which technical electives were offered.

Free Elective

The free elective course can be selected freely by the student as long as it has three credits and its content does not duplicate the other courses that were already taken or will be taken by the student.

Non-Technical Electives

Two non-technical courses should be in areas like social sciences, humanities, economics, etc. Students who started Mechanical Engineering program prior to 2006-2007 academic year have to take one more NTE or ENG 311 to graduate. Please refer to the compherensive list of such courses given in the web pages of the Faculty of Engineering.